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Armstrong, Paul, Ed.; And Others (1997). Crossing Borders, Breaking Boundaries. Research in the Education of Adults. An International Conference. Proceedings of the Annual SCUTREA Conference (27th, London, England, United Kingdom, July 1997). The following are among the 104 papers included: "Vocational Education and Training Partnerships in Remote Aboriginal Communities" (Arnott, Dembski); "Participation in Adult Education" (Benn); "Learning Organisations" (Bierema); "A Conceptual Framework for Understanding the Institutional Dynamics Involved in a University's Response to an Allegation of Racism" (Bishop); "An Analysis and Critique of Transformation Theory and Adult Learning" (Boucouvalas); "Research in Adult Learning" (Brew); "Reforming Australian Education and Training" (Brown); "Challenging Metrocentrism" (Butler); "Life at the Glass Ceiling" (Caffarella, Clark, Ingram); "Crossing Borders and Breaking Boundaries" (Cavanagh); "Learning as a Non-unitary Self" (Clark); "New Education Policy Directions in South Africa" (Cooper); "Globalisation and a Pedagogy of (Dis)location" (Edwards, Usher); "Learning to Learn" (Ettling, Hayes); "Postgraduate Education and Adult Education" (Ferrier); "The Significance of African-American Language and Learning in an Adult Education Context" (Flowers, Sheared); "Intimate Cultures of Learning" (Fraser, West); "Technologies of Compliance in Training" (Garrick, Solomon); "Learning Trajectories" (Gorard et al.); "The Political/Economic Boundary of Adult and Continuing Education" (Grosjean); "Crossing Borders in Research in Adult Education" (Hake); "The Practice of Guidance in an Employee Development Programme" (Harrison); "Demand and Supply of Adult Education and Training" (Houtkoop); "Beyond Facilitation in Adult Education" (Johnson-Bailey, Cervero); "Epistemology of Groups as Learning Systems" (Kasl, Marsick); "Vocational Education and Really Useful Knowledge" (Kilminster); "Is There a Boundary between Formal and Nonmoral Education?" (Kilpatrick); "Identifying Groups of Learners through the Use of Learning Strategies" (Kolody, Conti, Lockwood); "Understanding Adult Student Learning Using Theories of Academic Literacy" (Lea); "Working Class Culture, Adult Education and Informal Learning" (Livingstone); "Action-Based Research" (Lucas, Davies, Cochrane); "Restructuring Adult Education" (McIntyre); "Afri-centricity" (Mashengele); "Boundaries and Quality" (Millar); "Challenging Boundaries in Adult and Higher Education through Technological Innovation" (Miller, Leung, Kennedy); "Minority Women at the Iron Borders of Academe" (Mojab); "Research Findings on the Effectiveness of Guided Imagery/Visualisation as a Technique in the Facilitation of Transformative Learning" (Morton); "Workers as Learners and Learners as Workers" (Payne); and "On Formal, Non-formal Lifelong Learning" (Percy).   [More]  Descriptors: Access to Education, Action Research, Adult Basic Education, Adult Education

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